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Terms Of Engagement


By appointing Business Help UK Ltd as an agent you agree that we should carry out the accounting and other services on the company’s behalf, on the basis that you will make full disclosure to us of all relevant information.

We will prepare annual Accounts from the accounting records maintained by yourselves, and from information and explanations furnished by you.



We shall in respect of the accounting period of the business prepare a computation of the profits, adjusted in accordance with provisions of the relevant tax legislation, for the purposes of assessment to Corporation Tax.

Following your approval of the Accounts we will complete Annual Return form CT600 and submit to HM Revenue & Customs and will deal with all correspondence with HMRC, agree Notices of Assessment, tax demands and tax repayments.

We will lodge formal notice of appeal against excessive or incorrect Tax Demands/Assessments within the statutory 30 day period where notice of such Assessment is received by us. We shall also, where appropriate, make formal applications for postponement of the tax in dispute and will advise you as to the appropriate payments on account.  We will inform you of the Tax payable and the due date thereof.  (If tax is not paid by the due date, interest may be charged by HMRC and this interest is not deductible for Income Tax purposes.).



All Claims are screened through HMRC to determine if a refund is due. This process typically takes between 4 and 12 weeks. Once this process is complete, if a refund is due, you will receive directly from HMRC notification of the amount of any refund. Any refund will be paid directly to us. This payment may take up to 5 weeks following your confirmation letter to reach us. Once we receive payment we will deduct our charges and issue you with a cheque in our next payment run.

If you don’t receive a cheque or payment on the account within 9 weeks of confirmation from HMRC please let us know and we look into.

We will endeavour to claim back the maximum possible refund any other overpayments identified in the course of our investigations. These may include overpayments that do not relate specifically to employment tax reliefs including tax coding errors, incomplete years of employment, etc.

Business Help UK Ltd will not be held responsible for any underpayment of tax that arises any attempt to try and reclaim any tax from HMRC.

Business Help UK ltd is not responsible for the refund of tax where:

The customer has provided information which is false, inaccurate, incorrect, insufficient or misleading in any way.

The customer has already received a refund.

The customer has already applied for a refund, either directly or through another person, natural or legal.

The costumer owes money to the tax authority.

The tax authority has different information on its system than provided by the customer.

The tax authority information leads to a decision that the costumer is not due a refund. Where there is possible case for appeal within the law, such measures will be the responsibility of the customer, however Business Help UK Ltd will provide a refund of fees charged per claim up to the extent of the loss Business Help UK Ltd will receive refunds from HMRC on behalf of the customer and charges in accordance with those quoted on the website prior to making a refund by cheque.

The costumer has right to cancel within 7 days of receipt of claim documents. Returning the completed forms forgoes the right to cancel.

Business Help UK Ltd reserves the right not to contact unsuccessful claimants. The obligation to chase any refunds in progress with HMRC remains with the costumer.

Where refunds remain unclaimed for more than a year Business Help UK Ltd will charge a £25 holding fee against funds not claimed, annually, on the anniversary of the date issue of the original settlement cheque to the client, if the cheque remains uncashed. If funds remain unclaimed for 3 entire tax years following the receipt of the rebate from HMRC an amount equal to the remaining balance will be deducted as a termination fee.



We may give advice to you by telephone or in writing. (Unless specifically requested, we shall not go into the basis on which any judgement leading to the advice was made). 

To enable us to provide a proper service to you, there may be occasions when we will need to contact you without your express invitation.  We shall, of course, comply with any other restrictions you may wish to impose which you should notify to us in writing.



From time to time there may be other matters which you wish to discuss with us which are not covered by the terms of this standard letter. These services would be covered by a separate engagement letter as circumstances require.



The services itemised above represents our standard service and any fee we have quoted you will cover all this work. If you require us to quote for any of the additional services detailed then please contact us.

Our fees are computed on the basis of the time spent on your affairs and on the levels of skill involved.  Our fees will be billed at appropriate intervals during the course of the year.  However, we reserve the right to render a payment on account invoice.  Our fees will be due for payment on presentation and we reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 10% per month where the account is overdue.  Do not ask us to carry out work for you unless you are in a position to pay for it upon completion.



If you are dissatisfied with the service we are giving, please let us know immediately.

We undertake to look into any complaint carefully and promptly, and to do all we can to explain the position to you. If we have given you a less than satisfactory service, we undertake to do everything reasonable to put it right.


Once they are agreed, the terms of this letter will remain effective from one year to the      next, until they are replaced.  We should be grateful if you would kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter by returning, signed, the enclosed copy and if it is not in accordance with your understanding of our agreement we will be pleased to discuss the matter further with you.



In the event that you change your address you will need to inform us by sending an email to info@bhukgroup.com or letter to Business Help UK Ltd, 1ST & 2ND Floor, 138 South Street,   Romford, RM1 1TE. Please quote your claim reference, NU number and new and old address in any correspondence.

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