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HMRC repayment email scam

You may be confused if you have recently received an email from HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) asking for your details in order for you to claim a tax refund which you are due for earlier years.

Please note that HMRC are aware of the scam that involves emails with a fake HMRC heading. Emails are being circulated from the addresses:

'no-reply@hmrc.gov.uk' and are entitled ‘Notice of Underreported Income’


returns@hmrc.gov.uk and are entitled ‘Your back dated tax return’ 

The emails ask customers to provide personal details as well as banking details so that a repayment can be issued. These emails are not from HMRC and contain a link to a fraudulent website that requests the disclosure of payment/personal details. Do not visit the website contained within the email or disclose any personal or payment information.

Please be aware that HMRC will never contact anyone by email in relation to a refund due to them. Any such communication will only ever be issued by post. This type of email scam should always be ignored and deleted so please be aware and DO NOT click on the link and DO NOT fill in the attached forms!

The most recent one we’ve seen this week is worded as follows:

From: returns@hmrc.gov.uk 

To: Mrs Smith
Subject: Your back dated tax return
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012

Tax Refund Notification

Msg Ref: 609/LA62811

You are almost at the end of the deadline date for you to claim your back dated tax refund for the amount of £305.56 for the dates 2007-2009.
Failure to do so will result in you loosing this claim and future claims.
Please complete the attached form correctly and return it before the end of April, as you will not be able to claim at any later date.

HM Revenue & Customs.
London , HA7 2LD
All rights reserved

Details requested:

Address Information - Please enter your name and address as you have it listed for your credit card.

CardHolder Name: [          ] (exactly as it's on card)
Date of Birth: [          ] [          ] [          ] (dd/mm/yyyy)
Mother Maiden Name: [          ]
Address: [          ]
Town/City: [          ]
Province/Region: [          ]
Postal Code: [          ]
Phone Number: [          ]
Refund Amount 305.56 GBP


   Credit Card Information - Please enter your Credit or Debit Card where refunds will be made.

Bank Name: [          ]
Debit / Credit Card Number: [          ]    
Expiration Date: [- Month - /] / [- Year - /]
Card Verification Number: [          ] [ view sample ]
[          ]
(Note: All information provided remains confidential)

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