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Tax Returns

Taxes Do Not Have To Be Taxing

That is the blithe idiom of the tax offices advertisement, it is meant to be punchy and to the point, but in the real world many businesses find that filing tax returns online is complex and traumatic.

At Business Help UK we offer a dedicated service to make the process of preparing & submitting your self-assessment tax return as pain-free as possible. We cannot guarantee that you will enjoy paying your taxes, -that would be a little bit much to ask but we can ensure that you will pay as little as possible.

Some accountancy firms simply prepare self-assessment tax return forms form inforation provided to them by the client. We understand that the speed of change has accelerated rapidly; many businessmen are too busy working in their business, to work on their business. We do not just prepare your tax documents, your accountant will scrutinise them and discuss with you ways that you can minimise your presence tax bill and future liabilities.

We are committed not only to accuracy but to transparency and that is a part of our service and guarantee and there are no hidden costs added. It is part of our package because we recognise that you need to have total trust senior advisers leaving you free to do what you do best -running your business.  

Herman Wouk, the celebrated American author once said  “The only imaginative fiction being written today is income tax returns.”

Simply submitting a tax return is a more complex procedure than it used to be! As Herman Wouk, the celebrated American author once said  “The only imaginative fiction being written today is income tax returns.” However, he did not have to contend with the possibility of vigilant tax office delving into his financial affairs. It is far easier to keep the tax office at bay, by filling in the correct form, with the correct information, within the designated time period; than it is to satisfy their queries when their procedures had not been satisfied. No one wants to subject themselves to tax office queries because the end result may be the same as Pandora's Box, all that is left is hope and once you are in that situation a wing and a prayer can be helpful as well!

There are two types of tax returns now, a short return which must be submitted in paper format. Whilst this sounds eminently simple the revenue office expects you to understand whether or not you are eligible to submit this type of return.

All of this is an unnecessary heartache for most businessmen who struggle to keep up with the pace of change from the revenue offices never mind comply with their stringent regulations.

Whatever the size of your business our rates are both fixed and competitive; you will have no nasty surprises from Business Help UK, because we make sure that your tax affairs are not taxing, to you or your business. Contact us today to talk to one of our advisers about what we can do to help you. You can call us on 01708 706 142 to discuss your self-assessment tax affairs free of charge.


All of our customers have a bespoke service catering to their unique and individual financial needs. Each and every one of our customers is valued and we recognise that we can only drive your business forward and help make it more profitable by understanding your discrete needs. Our financial specialists pay meticulous attention to the minutiae, to give you peace of mind in one area of a rapidly changing financial world.
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