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Commercial insurance

Help protect your home and your loved ones, with mortgage life insurance. No one ever plans to get sick or die unexpectedly. We always think that it won’t happen to us, but the reality is that it could happen at any time. It’s not a fun subject to think about, but it has to be considered if you’re taking on a mortgage, or increasing your mortgage, as it’s such a life changing commitment.

Mortgage life insurance policies have one clear objective – to help pay off an outstanding mortgage in the event of death, during the policy term. This means that your loved ones could continue to live in the family home even if you’re no longer with them, without worrying how they’ll pay the mortgage.
  We offer two types of mortgage cover:

-mortgage term assurance
-mortgage decreasing term assurance.
-We offer a variety of additional benefits on our mortgage life insurance policies.

Some are optional and cost extra, such as:
-critical illness cover; and
-waiver of premium

We also include Smooth Move and a free life cover period which are both provided at no additional cost.
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