BUSINESS HELP UK GROUP financial services offer highly skilled and experienced independent financial advice to individuals and businesses across the UK. Established in 2005, because of world economy and constantly changing environment, business is still growing and expanding. We help our clients to manage their financial relationships in a timely manner. Our company ...
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Mortgages for UK & Overseas

Mortgage Application Form

Client 1 Client 2
Marital status

Present home adress
Owned / Mortgaged
Renting / Living with family
Home telephone
Mobile telephone
E-mail adress
Time at current adress (years & months)
Time in UK (years & months)
Date of Birth
Birth Place & Nationality
National Insurance Number
Dependent children and other dependants
Name Date of Birth
Name Date of Birth
Employment and Earnings
Employment status

Job title2


Monthly Salary (before tax deductions)
Regular overtime or bonus (before tax)
Total income (before tax)

Self Employed NET PROFIT

Year 2010
Year 2009
Year 2008
Employer's / Business name
Business address
Work telephone
Years in current job
Income and Expenditure
Client 1 Client 2 or Joint


If employed or self employed:
(a) Average net take home income per month (after tax)
(b) Child allowance (and/or other benefits) per month
If retired:
(a) Total taxable (paid net) pension income per month
(b) State pension and benefits (paid gross) per month
If in receipt of investment, letting or unearned income:
(a) Estimated (paid net) dividend income per month
(b) Estimated (paid net) bank/building society income pm
(c) Total of any other NET income per month
Total income: or


Mortgage or rent payments or
Council tax and water rates or
Gas, electricity and telephone bills or
Food and household items or
Life assurance premiums or
Personal pension contributions or
General insurance (car and buildings/contents insurance) or
Car expenses (fuel etc) or
Loans and leasing (inc car) or
Average payment on credit cards, excluding items above or
Children's education or
Contributions to a previous partner or
Discretionary items eg holidays, clothes and entertainments or
Regular savings or
Total expenditure (B) or
Grand Total (A-B) or
Liabilities Summary
Liabilities How much is owed (total)
(a) on any mortgage(s)
(b) on personal overdraft(s)
(c) on credit cards (balance)
(d) on personal Loans and leases including car loans
(d) on personal Loans and leases including car loans
(e) other (state what)
Business owners only, what is the total current business debt
LOANS - long term debt etc
Credit rating
Have you had any previous credit problems
(if so - detaile required)
Have you any Credit Cards Current balance & Company
Do you have other Loans (if so list )
Current balance
Current balance
Monthly payment
Date Loan Finishes
Any missed payments on Credit Cards or Loans
(if so details)
How many & when
Proposed Mortgage Required
Do you only require a maximum loan enquiry DIP
Purchase Price (if applicable)
Deposit available
Loan required (if applicable)
Repayment Term (years)
Type of Mortgage
Do you have a Current Mortgage (if so details required)
Can you provide the following documents in the future to support any mortgage application
Passport UK or European
Proof of Residency (domestic bills)
Visa with 2 & half years remaining (or) UK permanent residency certificate
3 months bank statements


3 years employment history
3 months payslips

Self Employed

3 years accounts
Please list any other information that would be relevant to your Mortgage application
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