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SIA Security & CCTV Trainings » Close Protection / Bodyguard


What does this Bodyguard qualification cover?


    * Threat and risk assessment
    * Defensive driver training and situational awareness
    * Venue based security, SAP and audits
    * Communication and conflict management skills
    * Surveillance and search awareness
    * Vehicle and body protection drills
    * HSE 1st Aid at work, Emergency and Trauma Training
    * Realistic final close protection exercise


The learning development route is flexible but generally takes the following format:


Part 1:

E-learning – this comprises 14 interactive learning modules, which provide the underpinning knowledge to progress to Part 2 of the course. E-learning element gives you flexibility for when deployed overseas or in full-time employment.


Part 2:

Practical teaching and assessment – 14 days of practical application of the Security and Close Protection course at Leyton orient. The individual will be required to bring their E-Learning workbook and to have completed the E-Learning prior to the course. During the 14 days we will confirm and test the individual’s knowledge with training and testing based around realistic scenarios.


Part 3:

Work experience – learners on the course will undertake the final exercise at Wembley national Stadium. You will gain practical assessment and work experience through operating with licensed Close Protection Operators in the VIP and Executive areas of the Stadium. After undertaking one week of security/CP experience, individuals receive a letter of reference from Wembley National Stadium.



How do you achieve the qualification?


    * Practical Assessment
    * A written test, set and marked by Edexcel
    * Practical tasks, assessed internally


Course duration


14 days
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